Frequently asked questions

On this page you will hopefully find answers to all your questions about Knusperreich, our cookies, our concept, and of course also about payment and shipping. If any questions remain unanswered, then just write to us, send us an e-mail, or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

About your order

Is there a minimum order quantity?
No, that doesn’t exist. We bake and deliver orders of one package, but of course we love to bake more :)

How many cookies are in a pack?
Each box of cookies contains 6 freshly baked cookies - exactly one baking tray.

Can I fill my box of cookies with 6 different kinds?
Of course! You can create your own personal selection of your favorite cookies on our Custom mixpage.
You can also label your Custom mix with an individual name.

Shelf life and storage

How should I store my cookies?
You can keep your cookies at home or in the office in our Knusperreich packaging, that’s what it’s made for. If you have cookie jars with lids, they are just as suitable for storing our cookies.

You don’t use artificial preservatives. How long do your cookies keep?

Our cookies keep for 4 weeks. Of course, our unique products taste best when they’re fresh. We recommend that you consume them within one week after opening. And if you leave them out or forget the lid after opening, they’ll slowly dry out. It’s a metamorphosis from the soft, moist cookie into a dry biscuit, so to speak. ;-)

What do I do with the packaging when all the cookies have been eaten?
If you don’t want to throw away our beautiful cookie packaging, they are a real all-rounder. Among other things, they double as a flower pot! They’ll also make good a pencil-holder.


How long does delivery take?
Our cookies are sent directly after baking, that is, fresh out of the oven. They usually arrive one to three days later at your home. We suggest trying to arrange be at home to receive your package so you can stuff these babies in your mouth as soon as possible!

Is your shipping environmentally friendly?

We participate in DHL's "GoGreen" program. This guarantees environmental compensation of the resulting emissions damage.

Do you ship abroad?

So far, we only ship to Germany and Austria. Shipping to other countries is not (yet) possible. But feel free to write us an email and then we’ll do it for you. Just keep in mind that higher shipping costs could be least 15 euros.

What are your shipping costs?

We send our cookies with DHL “GoGreen." Shipping costs € 3.90 in Germany. For an order value of € 40.00 or more, shipping for private customers within Germany is free. To Austria, shipping costs only € 6.90 and there is no minimum order value.

What happens if the parcel has been sent back to you?
Returns on undeliverable items (for example: for refused acceptance, if the recipient can not be identified, or if the package was not picked up ........ or for whatever reason) are always charged. The expense for the return fee for undeliverable goods is € 6.00 per parcel within Germany and € 12.00 for foreign parcels. In the case of a replacement shipment (only after consultation with the purchaser,) the respective shipping costs will be due again.


Was meint Ihr, wenn ihr sagt: „hauptsächlich regionale Produkte“?
Wir versuchen möglichst all unsere Produkte aus der Region zu beziehen. Da für uns Qualität aber noch über Regionalität steht,
müssen wir bei gewissen Produkten, wie zum Beispiel Kakaobohnen oder Mango auf andere Herkunftsregionen ausweichen. Was für uns schon immer selbstverständlich ist dass wir kein Palmfett für unsere Cookies verwenden

Are your cookies really organic?

Yes, and how! We only use ingredients from certified organic farming. Since May 2011, this has been checked and confirmed by our competent board of control (DE-037). We are certified in accordance with EC Organic Farm Regulation (Regulation No. 834/2007) and may therefore use the seal of organic certification.

Do you also have vegan cookies?
We do. Our vegan cookie is baked without eggs, flour or butter.
And they are sooo delicious! Try it out now!


How can I pay you?
At the moment you can pay for your cookies with either Paypal, credit card or prepayment.
More detailed information can be found on the Payment page.

Are there any gift certificates that I can give out?

Of course! On our gift certificate page you can make out a gift certificate for someone. Simply enter the desired value, put it into your shopping cart, print it, put a bow on it and make someone happy!


What exactly is included in a cookie subscription?
The subscription includes a pre-defined number of boxes of cookies. The price also includes the VAT and shipping costs.

Can I choose my own cookies?
Not for your first order. After that, you can change your subscription to your desired cookies at any time in your account (once you have logged in as a customer.)

When will my cookies be delivered?
Before concluding the subscription process, you have the opportunity to select your desired start date. The following deliveries are then made at the beginning of each month or the first baking day in the new month.

How often do I get the cookies delivered?
That all depends on which subscription period you have selected. Regardless of the validity period, the delivery is made on a monthly basis.

What happens to my subscription when I'm on vacation or on business?
Just give us a quick phone call or an e-mail and we will be happy to suspend your subscription for this time.
You can also regulate this for yourself in your account if you have registered as a customer.

Can I cancel at any time?
The subscription period that you choose should be respected both by you and by us. A cancellation at the end of that period is not necessary, because the subscription won’t be extended automatically. In case of early cancellation, we have to invoice you for the reduced subscription amount instead of a normal order.

How much is a cookie subscription?
This depends on your preferred order amount and the desired duration.

When will the payment for the cookie subscription be made?
If you decide to pay by bank transfer, Paypal, or MasterCard, there will be a one-time charge for your subscription, made prior to your first delivery..

How can I find out more about the cookies delivered?
In our online shop, each cookie creation has its own page where we have summarized all relevant information. You can find the right corresponding page here.

Can I give away a cookie subscription as well?
Absolutely! Simply specify the address of the recipient and the gift is almost ready. The only thing missing is your greeting card, which you can easily add in your shopping cart.

About us

Can you send me your recipes?
You can certainly understand that we wouldn’t share our secret recipes even under threat of torture ;-) But we do really like to post fun recipe ideas and share some details.

I would like to promote your cookies via Instagram or my blog. Would you send me some cookies for testing?
We think personal test blogs are great and are happy to receive every request. However, we cannot always send cookies immediately. That’s why we collect these requests and regularly select the most interesting ones. Then we send our cookies to the selected bloggers. Just send us a message with a link to your blog and we'll get back to you!