Handmade with love ...

Cookies handmade with love

Our little masterpieces are created only by hand. Because in order to create a cookie, you need to use all your senses - this the way real moments of happiness are made!

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... made with 100% organic ingredients ...

Cookies made with 100% organic ingredients

All the ingredients in our cookie creations come from organic farms and are made without the addition of flavor enhancers or preservatives.

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... and sent fresh out of the oven!

Cookies send fresh out of the oven

Our cookies are just allowed to cool before they are packed right off the baking sheet and shipped off. Within 24 hours they are delivered to your door - all this for perfect cookie happiness!

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Here’s what we promise:


Welcome to our bakery!

Welcome to
our bakery!

On baking day there is a lot going on in our bakery: ingredients are weighed and portioned and our organic cookie dough is prepared and shaped by hand into small unique pieces, all while baking sheets topped with our delicious cookie creations are already baking in the oven .a..

Quality width tender loving care

Quality with
tender loving care

We love cookies! Every day, our team harnesses their passion and know-how so that your cookie delivery is an unforgettable experience, bringing you happy moments of cookie bliss!